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Installation of Hydrosanitary Networks with state-of-the-art technology


What does it consist of?

It is the process by which networks or laying of hydraulic and sanitary pipes are installed, commonly known as plumbing, for the distribution of drinking water or systems that are supplied with it, such as networksfire protection o cooling, and wastewater disposal.

Advantages and benefits

Our team

We have a specialized team with extensive experience in the market, both in the consulting and design part and in the implementation of the construction project.


We are constantly updating and training in new applied technologies, in order to be at the forefront and thus offer our customers an optimized product in terms of time and resources.

Strategic Alliances

We operate as strategic allies (Triple A SA ESP, Grupo Argos) generating added value to our clients due to the trust obtained in the market.

Machinery and equipment

We have state-of-the-art technology in equipment to perform planialtimetric surveys (Drone Diji Phantom 4 and Scanner Leica BLK 360), which guarantee high accuracyminimizing errors in planning and reprocessing at the design stage.

We employ thermo-fusion machines to carry out high-density polyethylene pipe welding according to standards and quality controls.

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