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Hydrological and Hydraulic Modeling

·     Urban Planning

·     Sanitation and environmental impact studies

·     Design of drainage, hydraulic and hydrological systems.

Modelacion - Argos  Santa Isabel.jpg


SITUM (Argos Group)

Hydrological and Hydraulic Study - Santa Isabel Urban Project 900 homes in Barranquilla, department of Atlántico


Argos Group S.A.

Redesign of networks of the pluvial drainage system of the Cluster 2 Urban Project

Modelacion - Argos Cluster 2.jpg
Modelacion - Arroyoel bosque, don juan y milagros.jpg


Temporary Pluvial Union Canales of Barranquilla

Hydraulic studies and designs for group II works - Relief of the Don Juan stream, Bosque stream – Model Prison and Milagros Canal – Laureles in the Southwest of Barranquilla.



Hydraulic designs for the integral pluvial drainage system for the Ternera Electrical Substation in the city of Cartagena -Bolívar

Modelacion - Transelca Subestacion Ternera.jpg
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