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Construction / Installation of Hydrosanitary Networks

  - Construction of networks

 - Sewer Construction

 - Firefighting System Construction: firefighting networks, pumping system and UL-FM certified pumping systems

Construcción - Ceiba Blanca.jpg


Ceiba Blanca Construction

Construction of the Hydrosanitary Networks and SCI of the Ceiba Blanca Building


Mirador del Lago SAS 

Installation of pipes, accessories and equipment for the sanitary network of the Mirador del Lago Caujaral project Urbanism

Construcción - Mirador del Lago.jpg
Construcción - Parquiamerica.jpg


Arriendo y Vehiculos del Caribe

Civil works for the construction of the hydraulic, sanitary, rainwater and fire-fighting network system in the warehouse located in the ParquiAmérica industrial park


Desarrollos Inmobiliarios del Caribe SAS - DEINCA

Construction of the hydro-sanitary networks and fire-fighting system Sol Caribe Residential Complex in solitude

Construcción - Sol Caribe.jpg
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