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Supervision before, during and at the end of the projects guaranteeing excellence

What is project supervision?

The supervision of a Project consists of the tracing and control of the designs and works carried out by a Contractor, with the Technical specificationsrequirements, and standards quality established in the contractual conditions set by the Contracting entity, current regulations, and manuals of good engineering practices.

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We have

Qualified personnel with extensive experience in project supervision

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We integrate

The implementation of BIM methodologies for project monitoring.

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we employ

Topographic equipment of high quality and precision for the control of quantities of work.

Stages of the auditing process

Pre-contractual stage

Review of the contractual documentation, approval of policies and guarantees, approval of the personnel required for the execution of the Project, review of the Project specifications, approval of the schedule


Follow-up of the execution of the Project: control of quantities, verification of Minutes, progress committees, site visits, quality tests.


Acts of reception and liquidation of works.

The supervision guarantees the correct execution of the works and designs, and the adequate implementation of the technical specifications in the final products.
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