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Topographic surveys carried out with state-of-the-art technology

Vista aérea de un avión no tripulado

What does it consist of?

The topography in Projects consists of the virtual representation and plans of land and surfaces, either in their natural state or with the structures built on them. These representations allow for creating a clear view of the surface, correct delimitation of boundaries, and precise handling of quantities. Adequate topographic plans allow for minimizing errors at the time of execution of engineering projects.

State-of-the-art technology

The qualified personnel that Tecnosoft has, allows the implementation of conventional and point cloud topographies, the latter managed by BIM methodology which includes equipment such as:

Trained Team

Tecnosoft has certified surveyorsadvanced chains, and drone pilots, endorsed by civil Aviation.

Advantage #1

The implementation of RTK Drones allows the production of Orthophotos with cartographic updating of the areas to be intervened, as well as point clouds and digital elevation models through point clouds with centimetric pressures.

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